A report of this magnitude and significance only comes to the light through the efforts and understanding of numerous individuals, all playing specific roles in the process of preparing, supporting, reviewing, analyzing, and completing a project of enormous complexity. The "New Framework for Public Education in Michigan" does not differ in this respect.

The research team has been headed by Eugenia Froedge Toma, a noted scholar who directs the Martin School of Public Policy and Administration at the University of Kentucky. Dr. Toma directed a research team consisting of graduate students John Jones, Jess Reaser, Andrew Toole, Ron Zimmer and Dr. Paula Kearns of Michigan State University's Department of Political Science. Coordinating the efforts of this team, and the related labors of undergraduate students, Dr. Cary Federman of James Madison College served as the project liaison. Moreover, the research labors and thoughtful reflections of James Madison College undergraduates made a significant contribution. Carrie Boot, Justin Cassey, Ryan Deel, Anthony Phillips, and Francesco Viola all made contributions to this project.

In addition to the research team the project has benefitted from the substantial financial support of Mr. J. C. Huizenga of Grand Rapids and of William and Patricia LaMothe. These citizens of Michigan demonstrated a genuine commitment to public education by enabling us to extend our labors beyond what was provided by the initial Department of Education grant of $150,000. Moreover, we owe considerable appreciation to Michigan's Board of Education, under the leadership of its President, Clark Durant, and, ultimately, Superintendent Art Ellis, for enabling us to undertake this mission and then having the good judgment to leave us alone to complete it as thoughtfully as possible.

Numerous citizens have served for me as sounding boards in this process. I cannot name them all, but I do thank them all for their participation in brain-storming sessions, and their willingness to be available when called upon. And we have further appreciated the friendly assistance of the Michigan Partnership for Education at Michigan State University, which made facilities available for our use without charge.

Finally, I must give thanks to Jackie Stewart, Executive Assistant in my office, whose task it was to keep me on task while still attending to the other demands of my office. Her assistance was invaluable.

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