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List of Articles:

  • “The Age of Final Policy: Heirs of Antifederalists Lose Faith in their Fathers” [Published in The Good Society: A PEGS Journal Vol. 6, no. 1 (Winter 1996-97)].
  • “Anita Hill’s Revenge: The Judgment of Clarence Thomas” [Published as “The Judging of Clarence Thomas” in The World and I (December 1991): 142-147].
  • “Égalité et Droit dans le Monde Actuel” [Published in Éthique et droit à a l’age démocratique, (Caen, France: Centre de Philosophie Politique et Juridique), 1990: 18 (pp. 175-88)].
  • “Epstein's Challenge to the Civil Rights Regime” [Published in San Diego Law Review, vol. 31, no. 1 (Winter 1994): 57-66].
  • “Equality and Right in the Contemporary World” [Published in The Good Society: A PEGS Journal, vol. 9, no. 1 (1999): 84-89].

  • “Ethics of Montesquieu: Principle of the Foundation of American Democracy” [Translation of “L’Ethique de Montesquiey: Principe de la fondation de la démocratie americaine,” published in the Actes of the Academic Montesquieu, vol. 2 (1986): 95-128].

  • “Excellence in Judgment: The Curriculum” [Published in Herzberg, A. M., and Krupka, I., eds. Statistics, Science and Public Policy. V. Society, Science and Education. Proceedings of the Conference on Statistics, Science and Public Policy, Herstmonceux Castle, Hailsham, U. K., April 26-29, 2000. (Kingston, Ontario: Queen’s University, 2001)].
  • “Federal Representation: The Design of the Thirty-Fifth Federalist Paper” [Published in Publius: The Journal of Federalism vol. 6, no.3(Summer 1976):61-71].
  • “Grove City Case: Civil Rights and Civil Wrongs” [Published in the Lincoln Review vol. 6, no. 1 (Summer 1985): 15-22].
  • “A Guide to the Reading of Uncle Tom's Cabin” [Published in the Claremont Journal of Public Affairs vol. 5 (Spring 1978): 1-15].
  • “Guinier's Poetry of Race; or, When Accepting the Reality of Difference Means Conceding Different Realities” [Published in The Good Society (1995) v. 5, no. 2: 32-36].
  • “In Search of Freedom: Slavery and the Principles of the American Founding” [Published in The American Journal of Jurisprudence, vol. 28 (1983): 249-271].
  • “Let’s Re-Do Runyon: Questions to Guide Justice White” [Published in Rutgers Law Review 41 (Spring 1989): 893-905].
  • “Liberty's Hours: The Constitution in the Revolution” [published in the Lincoln Review vol. 7, no. 4 (Spring 1987): 11-16].
  • “Making Citizens” [condensed version published in the Claremont Review of Books, vol. 3. no. 3, Summer 2003, p. 38-41].
  • “The Manners of Liberalism: A Question of Limits” (March 1981) [Published in Improving College and University Teaching, vol. 30, no. 4 (1982): 164-170].
  • “New Disputes -- Old Views Trouble Women's Movement” and “How Shall Humanity of Women Be Preserved?” [With J. D. Wallin] [Published in the Farmington (N. M.) Daily News (October 30 and November 1, 1977): 6].
  • “On Becoming a Liberal: Guidance of George Washington” [Published in The Locke Luminary 2 (Summer 1999): 3-14].
  • “Response to a ‘White Discourse on White Racism’” [Published in Educational Researcher, vol. 22, no. 8 (November 1993): 11-13].
  • "Rhodes Handicapping, or Slowing the Pace of Integration” [Published in Journal of Vocational Behavior, vol. 33, no. 3 (Winter 1988): 365-378 and in New Perspectives, U. S. Commission on Civil Rights, vol. 19, no. 1 (1988): 9-34, in a slightly different version]
  • “Rights and Responsibilities: Viewing the Constitution as the Solution Not the Problem” [Published in Lincoln Review vol. 9, no. 1 (Fall 1988): 17-25].
  • “That All Tragedy is Local: Book 18 of Spirit of the Laws” [Published in Interpretation: A Journal of Political Philosophy, vol. 31, no. 2 (Spring 2004): 193-216].
  • “Theory and Practice in the Founding of the Republic” [Published in Interpretations, vol. 4, no. 2 (Winter 1974): 79-97].
  • “The Truth About Citizenship: An Outline” [Published in Cardozo Journal of International and Comparative Law 4:2 (Summer 1996): 355-372].
  • “Washington and Franklin--Symbols or Lawmakers? Their Significance in the Constitutional Convention of 1787” [Published in The Political Science Reviewer 27 (Fall 1987): 109-138].


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